Why One Million Americans Have Chosen the RV Digital Nomad Lifestyle

What is the American Dream? If you ask traditionalists, they’ll talk to you about getting a respectable job at which you work for 40 years to retire at varying levels of comfort. It also includes homeownership, a white-picket fence, and weekend BBQs.

However, to some, this lifestyle lacks romance. For them, committing 40 hours a week for 40 years to somebody else’s company is more of a prison sentence than a “dream.” Instead, they look to the digital nomad lifestyle for their idea of happiness.

Working on the road, being free to travel, not being tied down. What’s not to like?

Keep reading for everything you need to know about living in an RV full time.

What Draws People to Becoming Digital Nomads?

What do digital nomads get out of their chosen lifestyles? If you’re looking into this way of life, what benefits can you expect? Most importantly, are they worth it?


As we mentioned earlier, some people view life in a cubical as a prison sentence. After all, most people spend 90,000 hours of their lives working. The digital nomad lifestyle offers freedom from this traditional work modality.

Instead, you can earn your living on the road, while being free to travel or sit, wherever pleases you.


People are also drawn to living in an RV full time because of the possibility of adventure. Whether it means visiting every state in the United States or expanding your exploration to other countries (you can drive to), RV living makes it possible. Adventure awaits us all, but only those who seek it out ever experience it first hand.

Financial Savings

Does living in an RV save money? Well, it depends on how you live in an RV and what your previous lifestyle looked like.

If you came from living in a big house with a lot of extra expenses, odds are you’ll save money. However, much of it depends on how you live while in the RV. Fuel isn’t cheap, nor are commercial RV parks.

If you’re living in an RV to save money, make sure you spread out your road time and find inexpensive or free places to park. The more off-grid capable your RV is, the more boondocking (parking without hookups) you can do.

How to Create a Digital Nomad Lifestyle

Next, we need to talk about how to get you into the digital nomad lifestyle. To be honest, it’s not an easy transition for some people. However, if you’re invested in this lifestyle, the sacrifices will be well worth the payoff.

Downsize Your Life

First, you need to downsize your entire life. If you’re living in an RV full time, you won’t have a ton of room for all of your possessions. You’ll likely need to sell or store the majority of your stuff.

Pack only the essentials in your RV. This includes items for luxury, comfort, hobbies, work, homeschooling (if you have kids), dining, and more.

Find Online Sources of Revenue

Next, you need to make sure you’re financially secure while on the road. Should your RV break down or you experience any other financial emergencies, you don’t want to be left stranded and without money. Check out these tips for making money online.

Do You Want to Experience a Digital Nomad Lifestyle?

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