Which Type of RV Is Right for You?: How to Choose the Best RV

Are you planning your next adventure? If so, you’re going to need to buy the right RV for the trip.

After all, there’s really nothing better than exploring the highways and sideroads of America than having the comfort and flexibility of an RV. This is a form of travel that enables you to call your own shots, stick to your own schedule, and go and where you want to go as the spirit moves you.

This article takes a look at how to choose the best RV to fit your travel needs. Keep reading to get the inside scoop on how to make your next getaway as fun and exciting as possible.


Campervans are a fun type of RV that provides flexibility on a budget. This one of the smallest options on this list, and yet these RVs don’t have to be towed or special sparking in order to find a camping spot each night. All you need to do is pack some clothes and a map, and you’ll be ready to hit the road!

Fifth-Wheel Trailers

A fifth-wheel trailer is larger than a campervan and requires a truck for towing. This type of RV is often large and luxurious and is thus a great way to truly travel in style.

They range in size from 20 to 40 feet and connect to your truck via a “gooseneck” extension, which is typically stronger and easier to maneuver than a standard ball hitch.

Travel Trailers

Next on our list is the travel trailer. This type of RV comes in a variety of shapes and sizes and offers a range of modern conveniences.

travel trailer connects to a standard ball hitch receiver, making the process of backing up a bit tricky for inexperienced drivers.

Pop Up Campers

Here’s a fun RV for anyone on a limited budget and wanting to pull something a bit smaller and easier to manage. A pop up folds down during travel, and can then be raised once you’ve arrived at your destination.

This type of RV is ideal for the occasional camping trip, is lightweight, and can be towed by a smaller vehicle.

Class A Motorhomes

A Class A motorhome is the largest RV you see on the road. The best RV brands are spacious and feature everything from ice makers to laundry machines to microwaves and big-screen TVs.

Class B Motorhomes

A Class A motorhome is the next step down in size and enables passengers to move around inside while the RV is being driven down the road. Most of these RVs feature a queen-size bed, a small kitchen, along with a few other nice amenities.

Class C Motorhomes

The next type of motorhome combines the best of both Class A and Class B into a more affordable option.

Class C motorhomes are built onto an existing chassis and range from 20 to 33 feet in length. They are more maneuverable and agile than the larger classes but generally aren’t as easy to drive.

A Guide to Finding the Best RV for Your Upcoming Vacation

There’s nothing better than hitting the open road in search of adventure. Fortunately, this guide to the best RV options will help make your next vacation the most memorable ever.

Please contact us for help choosing the right RV for your travel needs.

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