The Coachmen RV: Where Quality Meets Luxury

Summer is here, and it’s a perfect time to hit the road and explore the country. Now more than ever, getting out into nature is the ultimate way to spend the summer, and an RV is the perfect way to do that.

If you’re looking for the best in luxury and quality, Coachmen RV is the brand you should look at. Coachmen was founded over 50 years ago by three brothers in Indiana and is now one of the largest producers of recreational vehicles in the country.

Read on and we’ll tell you why Coachmen’s wide variety of RVs are the best way to hit the road this summer.

Coachmen RV Fifth Wheels

Fifth wheel RVs are some of the most popular models for good reason. They combine the luxury of having a home on wheels with the convenience of being able to leave them behind and go exploring in the truck. Coachmen has some of the best fifth-wheels on the market.

The Coachmen Chapparal has been the flagship fifth wheel at Coachmen for a long time, and is by far one of the best models on the market. With roomy bedroom suites, an exquisite interior, and plenty of storage, you’ll feel like you’re in a luxury apartment on wheels.

The Chapparal comes in the large standard version as well as Lite and X-Lite models depending on how much space you need. The smaller versions are still luxurious, but in a smaller, lighter style.

The Coachmen Brookstone is another great model, redesigned for the great outdoors. It combines best in class towing for long journeys with well thought out storage solutions for all of your belongings. The newest model even features an electric fireplace and two bedrooms!

Coachmen Class A RVs

The Class A motorhome is the ultimate in luxury and convenience. With a Class A, you never have to worry about hooking up the motorhome to your vehicle, since it is your vehicle! Coachmen is also one of the leaders in Class A RVs, with a wide variety of models to choose from.

The Mirada is one of the most popular models, and is designed with comfort and style in mind. With a spacious interior and a plethora of features, this RV feels less like a vehicle and more like a home.

Coachmen Travel Trailers

The classic travel trailer is the perfect option for the casual RV user. With less luxury and a lower price tag than most other RVs, the travel trailer is perfect for camping and road trips while still feeling at home.

The Coachmen Apex is one of the most popular models. The Ultra-Lite and Nano models are both fantastic, and the Nano is perfect for those without huge towing capacity, with all models weighing under 4,000 pounds.

Get Your Dream RV Today

Now that you have the lowdown on why Coachmen RV has some of the best models on the market, it’s time to get your hands on one.

As one of the best Coachmen RV dealers in Texas, we have some of the best models and lowest prices in the Lubbock area. Stop by and see our inventory today!

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