The 5 Best RV Trips That Belong on Every Bucket List

Would you be surprised to learn that each year in the US the RV industry has a $50 billion economic impact?

RV vacations are not the only reason for these numbers.

Millennials are living in them, retirees are hitting the road, and the under-60 crowd is getting into the RV game. RV road trips (with the family dog) are a lot less expensive than a traditional vacation. And…they make camping much more comfortable.

Planning on taking an RV trip in the US? What are the best RV trips across America? Keep reading to learn about these bucket list-worthy trips.

Best RV Road Trips

Are you looking for some of the best RV road trip ideas? Some people say that traveling the US in an RV is the best way to experience all our great country has to offer. From the national parks to famous highways, there’s a lot to see and do. Let’s take a look at these 5 great RV trips.

1. Big Sur Coastal Highway

The ocean, the mountains…you get both while cruising the Big Sur Coast Highway in California. There might not be a more beautiful coastline in the world.

Travel through the 5000-foot tall mountains along the Pacific Ocean. The route runs from Carmel south to Hearst Castle. Stop along the way for some wine-tasting or take in the amazing ocean vistas while enjoying some fresh seafood.

2. Grand Teton National Park

Get out of the RV for some hiking on the alpine glaciers or cross-country skiing. Hit the Snake River in the summer months.

Grand Teton National Park offers some of the most diverse and abundant forests, wildlife, and wildflowers. Walk on one of the trails used by fur trappers in the 1800s or explore one of the cattle ranches and old homesteads.

3. Blue Ridge Parkway

New to RVing? The Blue Ridge Parkway features extensive RV support infrastructure so it’s a great place to start your RV life. This route is extremely popular in the summer months. It takes you through beautiful scenery with amazing regional flora and fauna from Virginia to Cherokee, North Carolina along mountainous Appalachia.

4. The Great Lakes Region

If watersports are your thing, this is a great trip to take. Travel around the Great Lakes through the Upper Michigan peninsula. Paddleboard or surf for the day at one of the many beaches you’ll find along the way.

5. Rocky Mountain National Park

Take the 164-mile scenic loop from Denver to Este Park. It is a pure mountainous adventure! Go for a hike. Look for wildlife from Forest Canyon Overlook.

After all of the hiking and mountain views, enjoy some watersports at Grand Lake, Colorado’s largest natural lake.

Are You Ready to Plan One of the Best RV Trips?

Now that you’ve learned about some of the best RV trips, are you ready to get in the game? We at Gypsy Road RVs are here for all of your RV needs.

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