Best Made Fifth Wheel RVs: Which Is Best for You?

You’ve been dreaming of a road trip with your family, but having to plan for hotel rooms and rental cars sucks! How about vacationing in an RV instead?

A 2017 survey found that more than 10 million US households own an RV, and over 17 million say they’re looking to buy one! it’s safe to say that the recreational vehicle secret is out.

But which brand makes the best made fifth wheel RVs?

We put together a quick guide with our top picks for the best made RVs for any budget. If you’re looking for a better way to vacation, keep reading!

What Is a Fifth Wheel Recreational Vehicle?

If you’ve ever seen someone towing their car behind their RV, you’ll know why the fifth wheel came about. Instead of attaching the engine and driver’s cab to the living area, fifth wheels attach to a heavy-duty truck with a special hitch. That way, once you’ve parked for the night, you can unhitch the truck and drive around by itself.

Fifth wheel RVs also take advantage of the shape of the trailer hitch to make a raised living section that sits above the truck bed when attached to the hitch. Many different RV manufacturers come up with new and unique floorplan designs for this style of RV that give you a little privacy in your tiny space. Since RVs max out at 400 sq feet, privacy is an important feature!

Best Made Fifth Wheel Rvs on the Market

While all fifth wheel RVs should have a high level of durability, some manufactures don’t make the cut. These are the most well made fifth wheel brands available right now. These 6 RV manufacturing brands won’t let you down when it comes to a durable product with all the comforts of home.

  • Brookstone
  • Chaparral/ Chaparral Lite
  • Columbus
  • Crusader/ Crusader Lite
  • Sanibel
  • Sportsmen

These fifth wheel recreational vehicles make you feel like road royalty because of all the amenities and spacious floorplan options. If you come across one of these RVs at a great price, snag it before someone else does!

Enjoy the Open Road and Take a Bit of Home With You

No matter what your budget is, there’s a great RV option for you and your family. Not only that, but the memories you’ll build in your little slice of home on the road make it well worth the investment.

You never know what the future holds. You could fall in love with your fifth wheel home and decided to live in your RV full time! So, make sure the one you pick will last for years to come.

We hope you loved reading this article and that you learned about the best made fifth wheel RVs on the market. If you have any further questions about this article or if you’re looking to buy an RV in Lubbock, Texas, contact us today!

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