Benefits of Getting a Sanibel RV

Whether you’re an experienced RV owner or you’re looking to invest in your first motorhome, a Sanibel RV will give you everything you need and more.

Buying a motorhome is a big commitment, so it’s important to make sure you’re getting one that you’ll love spending your vacation time in for many years to come. The new 2021 Sanibel models go above and beyond in providing style, space, and comfort.

Your time in your motorhome should be full of rest and relaxation. These motorhomes can provide just that.

Here are some of the key benefits of getting a Sanibel RV.


Luxurious Living Space

Just imagine it. You’ve parked up at your destination and finished extending the slides that add plenty of extra living space to your RV. It’s time to settle down on the plush leather recliners and put your favorite show on the 50″ TV.

When it’s time to eat, you’ll do so in style. The atrium windows in your dinette space will flood the RV with that beautiful natural light that you love to camp for.

Though these might sound like small features, it is this attention to detail that you will find throughout the Sanibel RVs. Rather than having to deal with one of the biggest disadvantages of a campervan – the lack of space – a Sanibel RV will give you plenty of room to enjoy your vacation.

Remember: your vacations are for relaxing, and you deserve to relax in luxury.


The Sanibel RV Extreme Thermal Package

It’s fair to say that cold weather isn’t usually the best for your RV.

Many motorhome owners have faced issues with their RVs after taking trips in the cooler seasons. That’s why the Sanibel models were designed with this in mind.

The RV comes with an enclosed underbelly to keep in the warmth. The water lines are heated to make sure that the plumbing system can endure the cold. Both the pass-through storage and the universal dock center are heated to keep the RV in top condition.

With the Extreme Thermal Package, your RV will be able to face cooler weather without suffering damage.


A Smooth Ride

Being on the road lies at the heart of the motorhome experience.

Sanibel RVs come with advanced E-Z FLEX suspension technology for a flawless tow, the rubberized suspension proven to make any ride easier on both motorhome and passengers.


Outdoor Features Extend Your RV

When you go on vacation in your motorhome, it’s you’re likely hoping to take full advantage of the great outdoors.

With your Sanibel RV, you can spend as much time in luxury outside your motorhome as you do inside it. An awning provides shelter into the evening hours, with LED lights ready to take over when the sun goes down.

Outdoor speakers mean that you can take your celebrations into the wild, soaking up the breeze whilst listening to your favorite playlist in high quality.

The most advanced model even comes with an outdoor kitchen, so you can make your meals in the sun.

For lovers of the outdoors, there’s no better choice.


Take Your Next Vacation in Style

Anything that you could want in your future RV, there is a Sanibel out there waiting for you.

With Summer already getting underway, there’s no time to lose. Check out all of the Sanibel models here today to find the perfect RV for you.

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