Benefits of Getting a 5th Wheel RV

Are you getting ready to retire, and want to spend some time exploring the country? Do you still have years left before retirement, but want to hit the road as a digital nomad?

RVing is becoming one of America’s favorite pastimes. During the pandemic, people took to the roads with the kids and their newly remote jobs. They found ways to escape pandemic lockdowns by getting out into nature with their homes away from home.

Like many pandemic lifestyle changes, RVing is probably going to stay popular for a long time. If you want to join in the fun, this article is for you.

We’ll explain why buying a 5th wheel RV is a good decision, and share helpful 5th wheel tips and tricks.

A Detachable Towing Vehicle

When it comes to 5th wheel vs travel trailer pros and cons, one of the best advantages of a 5th wheel is that you can detach your towing vehicle. Most people tow their 5th wheels with a powerful pickup truck or SUV.

When they get to where they want to stay, they simply park the 5th wheel and unhook their truck. This is much more convenient than towing your car behind a motorhome.

Better Gas Mileage and Low Maintenance

As far as a 5th wheel vs a motorhome, towing instead of driving the motor home results in better gas mileage. Motor homes use a lot of gas, and some are real gas guzzlers.

Most pickup trucks and SUVs get way better mileage than motor coaches. So with a 5th wheel in tow, you’ll save money and still manage to reach all the same places.

Also, think about maintenance. The nicest thing about 5th wheels is that there are no expensive mechanical repairs, and no engine to fix.

More Space for Amenities and Storage

The 5th wheel vs travel trailer debate is won easily by the 5th wheel when it comes down to storage. Because there’s no space lost on an engine and front seats, you’ll have more than enough storage room.

You’ll have plenty of room for the perfect floor plan in a 5th wheel. They’re actually the roomiest of all the RV types, which allows you to add extra amenities like full tubs, washers, and dryers.

Making a Decision

If you’re wondering if a 5th wheel might work better for you than a bumper pull or 5th wheel toy hauler, it all depends on your goals for camping. Is having more space more important? Do you plan to take a golf cart or motorcycle that needs to stay in a built-in garage?

Should you buy a brand-new RV or a used one? Often the best way to decide is to comparison shop and get to know the average going price. Do walk-thrus at local dealers and get a feel for the amount of space in different types and models of RVs.

Contact Us When You’re Ready to Buy a 5th Wheel RV

If you like the idea of extra storage and having a separate towing vehicle available when you travel, think about buying a 5th wheel RV. To see some great floorplans and take a walk-thru tour, get in touch with us. We’ll show you the most popular models and help you find the perfect floor plan.

Check out our website for sales, specials, service, and more. We’ll help you get on the road in no time, so you can enjoy your next adventure!

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