4 Essential RV Accessories You Didn’t Know You Needed

You’ve just bought your first RV and are ready to take it on the road for a fun family vacation. Well, there are a few RV accessories that you need to pick up first. Check out this quick RV shopping guide for the complete list.

1. Water Pressure Regulator

After spending the entire day driving to your campsite, you feel like you’ve earned yourself a bath. As soon as you turn on the shower, your RV floods.

The water pressure at the campsite was so high that it managed to burst one of the lines in your vehicle. This is a scenario that happens to many first time owners.

Avoid it by adding a water pressure regulator to your RV camping accessories list. It will stop the water from rushing through your lines and damaging the vehicle.

2. 50-30amp Power Cord

There are some RVs that come with a power cord but not all of them do.  If yours doesn’t, you won’t be able to power any of your electronics. That could be a problem when it’s time to cook or if you need to charge your phone.

However, don’t try to use one of the extension cords in your home. They don’t pack enough amps for you to plug in your electronics. You need at least a 50-30amp cord to be able to power all your things at once.

3. Indestructible Dinnerware

Having paper plates at the campsite is pretty handy. You can throw them away, which saves you tons of time on the meal cleanup process.

Sometimes you want to eat off of actual dishes, though. To this end, you’re going to need indestructible dishes. They’re a little sturdier than your everyday china so, it’s harder to chip or break them.

Pretty handy considering they’ll most likely end up clanking together a lot while you’re driving down the road.

4. Instant Pot

One of the best RV kitchen accessories that you can pick up is an instant pot. All you have to do is throw ingredients in and wait a few minutes for it to cook.

It saves time so you can focus on enjoying your vacation instead of making meals. If you’re not sure what to prepare in your instant pot, there are tons of recipes that you can look up before your trip.

Make Your RV Accessories Shopping List Today

Before you take your RV out on the road for a fun vacation, you’re going to have to head to the store. There are a few RV accessories that you have to have either as a necessity or to make your trip the slightest bit easier.

If you don’t have an RV yet, we’ve got you covered. Go here to check out our amazing selection of new RVs.

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